I remembered one of the best scenes from the Hollywood movie where the dog is very hungry searching here and there for food. Then he finds ricotta in the kitchen and starts eating. Then I thought at that moment! Can dogs eat ricotta? Well the answer to this question is yes. Let us now explore more about the Ricotta and how it is beneficial for the dog.

Ricotta is a kind of fresh cheese which is soft and creamy in taste. This cheese is from Italy, which is made by the producers by recooking the liquid which is leftover from making the cheese.

can dogs eat ricotta?

Can dogs eat ricotta?

Yes dogs can easily eat ricotta cheese, as it is safer for the dogs. It is rich in protein along with calcium along with having less quantity of sodium as compared to other cheese. It is also rich in fat and should be taken in moderation. The fat which is present in the cheese will prove dangerous for your dog if it is taken in large quantities. It can also lead to the problem of obesity for a longer period. It will also lead to the main problems of bloating and gas.

Health benefits of ricotta cheese for dogs:

Rich in Protein- It is rich in protein which contains all the important elements of amino acids in equal amounts. Protein is important for the dogs as it helps in building the muscles along with making the bones stronger and maintains skin and nails health.

Omega-3- It also contains Omega 3 which is mostly found in fish. It is more beneficial for the dogs in different areas.

Rich in Selenium- Selenium is antioxidant in nature which plays an important role in protecting the body from the radical damage and helps in removing stress from the body.

Rich in Calcium— It plays an important role in maintaining the bones and keeping them healthy and facilitates smooth functioning of the muscle.

Low lactose level— It is having low levels of lactose that will provide many benefits to the dog body.

Why can ricotta be bad for dogs?

Ricotta can be bad for the dogs if they are consumed by the dogs more. Most of the dogs are having the problem of Intolerance of the lactose which may be reacted to many symptoms if this cheese is taken by them. It is instructed to the owners that they should monitor their dogs in the best way when they are consuming ricotta cheese.

How to feed ricotta to dogs?

It is better to serve them with a small amount of cheese otherwise it will lead them to major problems like stomach upset and bloat.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of ricotta?

 The foods which can be served to dogs instead of ricotta will cover down

  • Carrots
  • Apple
  • Eggs
  • Spinach
  • Broccoli

Are dogs allergic to ricotta?

Yes some dogs are allergic to ricotta, the ones who are having low tolerance levels of lactose, can be easily affected by eating this cheese. It is instructed to the owners that they monitor their dogs in the best way so that if the condition of the dog is not good then they should stop giving them the ricotta.

Can diabetic dogs eat ricotta?

Cheese is very high in fat along with calories that is compared with other foods. Ricotta cheese is low in fats and high in protein. It helps in keeping the blood sugar down. This cheese is best as it helps in keeping the insulin level down in the body.


Thus in the above article, you will come across the different areas which can give you the important information about eating the ricotta by the dogs. It is safe in nature and will provide a couple of benefits to them. Apart from that you will also come across with health benefits that will give your dog’s body fit and fine. We have also seen about the rich sources of the cheese that will help in making the bones and body healthy. Ricotta cheese is also best for the dogs who are suffering from the main problems of diabetic as it will help in lowering the insulin level in the body. This will benefit the dog in different areas.

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