Daikon, also popularly known as radish, comes with some amazing health benefits. If you are a pet owner and have a dog at home, then you must have wondered — can dogs eat daikon? Well, honestly I have seen my dog drooling over this veggie. The crunchiness and the juicy texture is absolutely a favorite for my pup. If your dog too likes crunchy and juicy vegetables, then giving them daikon can be a good idea. To know more about how to feed daikon to your pup and the health benefits of daikon, read on.

can dogs eat daikon?

So, can dogs eat daikon?

The straight answer to this question is — yes! Your pup can eat daikon but make sure that you are feeding them in moderation only. Like many veggies, the daikon is packed with some real goodness. It contains a lot of essential vitamins and minerals that can help your dog to be healthier and better. It also contains protein, carbohydrates, calcium, fiber, magnesium and potassium. Because of all these healthy nutrients present in daikon, it can be one of the best inclusions in the dog’s diet.

Health benefits of daikon

As you can see, daikon is full of goodness and rich in nutrients. All these have made this vegetable quite beneficial for the dog’s health. The best health benefits of daikon for your dog are:

  • Improved energy levels: With the help of daikon, you can see a significant improvement in the dog’s energy level. Because of the carbohydrate and protein, this veggie can offer a lot of energy to your dog which is great to fight fatigue and tiredness.
  • Improves digestion: The daikon can also help in clearing your digestive system. So, it can be really good for the dogs that face digestive issues. They support good metabolism and digestion which can be real great benefits for aiding gastrointestinal issues.
  • Better immune system: Another health benefit of daikon for dogs is that your pup will have a much better immune system. As you may know a strong immune system is essential to fight against the diseases and infections. This vegetable can support good immune system.
  • Remove plaque from teeth: This is somewhat quirky but a real beneficial factor. As the daikon has a rough texture, it can help in removing the plaque from the teeth of your dog. Also the calcium present in daikon can help to improve the teeth and bone quality of your dogs.

How to feed daikon to your dog?

As we have already answered your question �can dogs eat daikon’, it is time to know how to feed them. Make sure that you are giving daikon in moderation to your dog. Too much of anything is bad for health. It is better to give raw daikon to your dog as that will give them all the nutrients to the dog without causing any side effects. But if you want to give your dog some cooked daikon, be very careful. Do not add salt, butter, sugar, oil or milk while cooking the daikon. This can cause stomach irritation. Simple boil or roast the daikon before feeding that to your dog. A cooked daikon is high in fiber, protein and vitamins as well.

Can diabetic dogs eat daikon?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that dog owners ask. With all the amazing health benefits and rich nutrients present in daikon, it is a must-have for every dog. But since the diabetic dogs have a much stricter and restricted diet, this can be a major concern. If your dog is diabetic, then do not worry as daikon can be a perfect treat for dogs who are on diabetic diets or pancreatic diets. The daikon is mainly composed of healthy nutrients and dietary fibers that can be great for your diabetic dogs. In case you need confirmation, you can surely consult with a veterinarian.


It is quite evident that the answer to the question — can dogs eat daikon is yes! If you have not fed your dog with daikon or radish, then you must start it soon. But you can ask the vet to know about the exact quantity of daikon that you have to add in your pup’s diet. This vegetable can bring some really positive improvement in your dog’s health.

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