My dogs will eat almost anything. Literally, anything. If its off the table and within their tiny paws’ grasps, they can and will chew it. I’ve seen my fair share of chewed up shoes, slippers and important papers. My wife nearly had a heart attack when she found her passport mere inches from our youngest dog’s mouth. It’s a dilemma a lot of dog owners are too familiar with. Whenever we open something, from snacks in their plastic packaging to fruits, you can bet your bottom dollar our dogs will be by our side before we even finish counting 1, 2, 3.

We know that in general, some fruits and vegetables provide health benefits to our fur babies. However, not all fruits and vegetables are good for them as some might very well do the exact opposite and do more harm than good.

Take for example citrus fruits. Say, the juicy and delicious pomelo. Can your dogs partake in this Southeast Asian fruit? Well, if you are a fur parent that enjoys eating pomelos, you might be wondering if you can share them with your babies.

can dogs eat pomelo?

Can Dogs Eat Pomelo?

Yes. Although they look quite alike, a pomelo is different from a grapefruit. While grapefruit can create digestive problems for dogs due to the high acidity, pomelos are not toxic to dogs if they given in moderation. As with any other fruit, do not overdo it.

Health Benefits of Pomelo

Pomelos are not only delicious but they also contain a lot of vitamins, minerals and fiber that can be great additions to your canine’s healthy diet. Here are some of the benefits they can get by eating pomelos:

Immunity Boosting. Pomelo is full of Vitamin C that aids in protecting your dog from disease-causing organisms.

Aids in Digestion. The fiber in pomelo can help ease your dog’s digestive issues and promotes regular bowel movement.

Lessen Stress and Reduce Inflammation. With the antioxidants present in every delicious serving of pomelo, your dog will enjoy lesser oxidative stress and reverse cellular damage due to free radicals. And with lycopene, intake of pomelo helps lower inflammation.

Why Pomelo Can Be Bad for Dogs?

Even though pomelos are considered safe for dog consumption, they can also be bad for dogs, especially when taken in large quantities. The high levels of sugar might cause digestive issues or diarrhea, obesity, diabetes and periodontal disease. Since pomelos are citrus fruits, they also contain citric acid that might cause discomfort to your beloved dogs. The same goes for grapefruits..

How to Feed Pomelo to Dogs?

In order not to introduce any toxins to your beloved pet, only ever feed them the flesh. Ditch the skin, leaves and seeds. After removing the rind, cut off a small section of the flesh, taking care to check for stray seeds. Feed the pomelo flesh to your dog in small quantities and in healthy intervals. Remember, moderation is key!

How Many Pomelos Should a Dog Get?

Again, do not overdo it. One pomelo is more than enough to share. No matter how much your dog craves one, only feed him a few bites. As I have stated above, pomelos can be harmful in large quantities and feeding him too much will surely not bode well for his health.

What Foods Can You Give To Your Dog Instead of Pomelo?

When done in moderation, pomelos can be quite good for your pets. However, if you want to introduce healthy eating to your dogs, you can try feeding them other delicious fruits such as apples (no seeds), bananas, oranges and potatoes among others. Or better yet, you can opt for organic fruit dog treats available in leading pet stores. This way, you can be sure of their nutritional safety.

Are Dogs Allergic to Pomelo?

Since dog allergen can be found in almost any food, yes, dogs can be allergic to pomelos. One should always be alert and watchful when giving pomelos to dogs for the first time. Allergic reaction can occur such as itching, ear and foot infections and indigestion.

What to Do If Your Dog is Allergic to Pomelo?

If your dog exhibits the above symptoms, immediately proceed to the nearest animal care center for proper medical attention. Also, your dog might not be allergic to pomelo but if eaten in excess, it can very well lead to life-threatening side effects resulting to death. Do not try to administer medication to your pets unless sanctioned by your veterinarian.

Can Diabetic Dogs Eat Pomelo?

Fiber can be useful in treating canine diabetes and pomelo has fiber. However, since pomelos have high levels of sugar, they are not optimal for a diabetic dog’s health. A special diet approved by your veterinarian should be followed for your dog’s diabetic control.


Yes, you can breathe freely if your dog accidentally swallowed that stray pomelo flesh. You can even give some to him as a fruit treat. As long as it is in small quantities and in moderation, your pal will not only enjoy its citrusy and juicy flavor but will also reap potential health benefits.

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