I am fond of Acai. And at my home, I keep all forms of these berries from Amazon forests — fresh, frozen, and powder. I prefer frozen Acai for its delicious taste and nutrients. I was wondering if I can feed these nutritious berries to my dog Funny. I initially tried with half a berry and found that the pet finished it after smelling and looking at it for a while. The next time, when I was having acai berries, I noticed that Funny was looking at me with greedy eyes. Should I give him some acai as a treat occasionally? Can dogs eat acai?   

These thoughts made me do some research. In this post, I will discuss if dogs can eat acai berries. 

can dogs eat acai?

Can dogs eat acai?

Yes, you can give acai berries to your dog, but not a lot of it. Acai is not known to be toxic to dogs. So, you can give your dog a piece of acai once in a while. There is a reason why you should not give a lot of these berries to your dog. Acai contains a compound called theobromine. The dogs’ digestive system is not able to break down theobromine and it remains in its body, which can lead to toxicity. Theobromine is the same compound that causes chocolate poisoning among dogs.

Health benefits of acai for dogs:

Acai is very popular as a superfood among health-conscious people. It contains many important nutrients.Some of these nutrients can be helpful to your dog as well. So, can dogs eat acai? A short answer is yes, but in moderation. 

Acai berries are rich in antioxidants that can help your dog’s immune system. These antioxidants can fight free radicals that are known to cause many health problems. Acai is also rich in calcium that can make the bones of your dog stronger.

This berry can be beneficial if your dog is suffering from arthritis. It contains anti-inflammatory anthocyanins. It can also neutralize superoxides that overstressed dogs produce. Acai contains omega-3 fatty acids that can lower the chances of cardiovascular disease in your dog.   

Why acai can be bad for dogs?

Acai contains a compound called theobromine which a dog’s digestive system can not break down like other dog foods. If consumed in large quantities, it will remain in its digestive system and cause toxicity. Theobromine is the same compound that causes chocolate poisoning in dogs. Can dogs eat acai? What do you think? I suggest you give him only a little bit of these exotic berries.  

How to feed acai to dogs?

An acai berry has a seed in it which constitutes 80% of the fruit. Before feeding acai to dogs, you should remove the seed. You can give raw, fresh, or frozen acai to your dog. Acai powder is also available which you can add to a dog meal. However, you must remember that it contains theobromine that can be toxic to the dog. You should be careful with the amount of acai you feed to your dogs. It must be only a little.  

How many acai berries should a dog get?

An acai is a very small fruit, measuring 1-2 cm in diameter, of which the seed constitutes 80%. The actual amount of acai that your dog will get from an average berry can be very little. Given this, you can give him the pulp and skin of 5 acais a day at best. However, you should avoid feeding him acai every day.  

What foods can you give to your dog instead of acai?

If you want to give some berries to your dog, you should give him strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. These soft berries don’t contain chemicals that can be toxic to canines. 

Are dogs allergic to acai?

Dogs are not known to be allergic to acai. However, one of the ingredients in acai, theobromine, is known to cause poisoning in dogs. It’s the same compound that makes chocolate a harmful thing for your dog. 

What to do if your dogs eat acai berries?

If your dog eats an acai, it’s not a matter of becoming concerned. But, if it has eaten from a bowl of acai, it can be something to worry about. Keep a watch on the symptoms he develops. Theobromine poisoning can cause vomiting, excessive urination, diarrhea, and increased heartbeats. If your dog shows these symptoms, take him to the vet immediately. Theobromine poisoning can lead to seizures and heart failure. 

Can diabetic dogs eat acai?

Diabetic dogs can eat a few acai berries. These berries are not known to shoot up the sugar level in dogs. Rather, a little bit of acai can help the dogs by supplying a good collection of nutrients. Sometimes, diabetic dogs are deprived of some nutrients because of the restrictions in the food they eat. Acai can make up for a little bit of this deficiency.  


Acai is a superfood for humans and can be good for your dog, too. However, you should feed these berries to your dog in moderation because it contains a chemical compound that makes chocolate a bad thing for dogs. It contains theobromine that can lead to poisoning in dogs.

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