Dog owners are the happiest people. This is because dogs are the most loyal animals or the entire animal kingdom. They are extremely pure-hearted and can sympathize with you. My furry friend Oscar was so small when I brought him but now he has become my best friend. The best thing about Oscar is he is such a good dog that whenever I get any food item and leave it on the counter he sits beside it and waits for me to serve him.

Owning a dog is like a life-changing experience for anyone. However, the problem occurs when we do not understand what to feed them and what to keep away from them. It is important to understand that dogs have very sensitive stomachs and they cannot take a lot of salt, sugar, or anything in large amounts. So here is an article that will tell you whether dogs can eat bitter melon or not.

can dogs eat bitter melon?

Can dogs eat bitter melon?

Bitter melon (or bitter gourd) is not toxic. It is low in fat and is a good source of vitamins A and C, and folate. It can be fed raw or cooked. If cooking bitter melon, it’s best to serve it plain and avoid any ingredients which may be harmful to dogs. Feed in moderation.

Health benefits of bitter melon

Bitter melon has a lot of beneficial value for dogs. It contains high level vitamin A, and vitamin C. It is a great source of fiber for dogs and has zinc, iron and potassium as well. The presence of vitamin C in bitter melon helps in the reduction of inflammation in dogs and also helps with their immune system. Vitamin A can help the vision of your dog and the antioxidants prevent cell aging in your dog.

Why bitter melon can be bad for dogs?

Bitter melon is not bad for dogs in any case. Only if taken in huge amounts they might start vomiting and have diarrhea.


How to feed bitter melons to dogs?

The best way to feed bitter melon to your dog is raw and not cooked. You can give them bitter melon with some other vegetables.

How many bitter melons should dogs get?

Your dog should consume half a bitter melon but not more than 3 times in a week. Dogs should never be fed anything in huge amounts as they have sensitive stomachs so it is best to feed them bitter melon in small quantities.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of bitter melon?

Some of the other alternatives that you can feed your dog instead of bitter melon are banana, watermelon, carrot, cucumber and pumpkin.

Are dogs allergic to bitter melon? 

Dogs are not allergic to bitter melon but just like any other food, few dogs can be allergic to bitter melon which is completely normal. In this case it is better to keep them away from bitter melons.

What to do if your dog eats bitter melon?

In case your dog consumes a large quantity of bitter melon then you need to first look for any symptoms that they might show. They can show symptoms like lethargy, diarrhea, blindness, fever or vomiting. In this case it is best to consult the vet and take them to the clinic.

Can diabetic dogs eat bitter melon?

If your dog is diabetic and is on any kind of sugar controlling medicine then it is better to keep them away from bitter melon. This is because consumption of bitter melon for your diabetic dog may give them low blood sugar and hypoglycemia.


Feeding and taking care of our furry friends is a huge responsibility. This is because dogs have very sensitive stomachs that may not be able to take a huge amount of salt, sugar, or any other item. In the case of bitter melon, it is completely safe for our furry friends and can be highly beneficial for them as it has a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that can be very helpful for your dog.


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