can dogs eat bok choy?

Did your dog consume bok choy by mistake? Or just a question passed through your head as to can your dog eat bok choy? If any of the two happened, then this article is going to answer all of your questions.

Can Dogs Eat Bok Choy?

Yes, your dogs can consume Bok Choy but there are some things to keep in mind before you give it to your dog.

Health Benefits of Bok Choy for Dogs?

Bok choy can offer assistance to a dog with constipation or stomach related issues because it is high in fibre. It also contains folate and Vitamin B6 that keeps the dog’s heart-healthy. The vitamin A in the vegetable strengthens the eyesight of your dog and also helps older dogs who may lose their eyesight.

Vitamin K helps your dog in better calcium absorption mode while phosphorus and magnesium keep the bones of your dog healthy and strong. Vitamin C in the vegetable helps the immune system of your dog. The water in the vegetable keeps your dog hydrated.

How to feed   Bok Choy to dogs?

While serving the vegetable to your dog make sure that it is clean. For that, wash it thoroughly. Try buying organic Bok Choy rather than the one grown with fertilizers and pesticides.

The first step is to remove all of the white parts of the stem because it has no nutritional value. Now you are left with the leaves that are green in colour. Take the leaves and cut them into tiny pieces so that your dog is able to swallow them even without having to chew them. The greener the leaves the better it is for your dog. Now just serve them with a handful of the vegetables so you are able to see if it has a negative reaction to your dog.

Why Bok Choy can be bad for dogs?

It is very important to give your dog Bok Choy in moderation. If you give them too much of it the high fibre content may cause diarrhoea. As Bok Choy has high nutrient levels you have to be very careful while feeding it to your dog or they may overdose on the vitamins present in the vegetable. Also, the leaves are big in size so if not cut into small parts your dog may choke upon them.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of Bok Choy?

Now if you do not know how to feed your dog Bok Choy it is better to not serve it to them. If you give it in excess to your dog it may cause your dog some kind of problem. So it is better you stick to the dog food available in the market as they have all those nutrients that the vegetables have.You may give a bite or two of the vegetable but giving your dog the food made for them is better. Plus provide them with the proper amount of water for them to stay hydrated.

Are Dogs Allergic to Bok Choy?

There aren’t many cases where a dog was allergic to the vegetable but still, every dog has a different reaction to different foods. To know if they are allergic to Bok Choy serve only a little and wait to see the negative effects if any.

What to do If your Dog eats Bok Choy?

If you find out that your dog is allergic to Bok Choy you should rush to the nearest veterinary hospital so that your dog’s problem can be solved right away. It is very important to be quick so that the situation does not become fatal.


Now you have the answer to all your questions and you know how to feed your dog with Bok Choy. Before giving it to your dog consult a veterinary doctor.


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