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can dogs eat celery?

Can dogs eat celery?

Yes, dogs can eat celery but it should be fed as a treat, not as a meal replacement. Vegetables can be a healthy treat for dogs but a dog’s diet should be heavy in meat. Celery is safe for dogs but not all dogs like eating it. It not only contains vitamins like A, K and C, potassium, Fibre but it is also fat-free, it is one of the best treats for overweight dogs. There are a lot other health benefits of celery so let’s discuss them in brief.

Health Benefits of celery for dogs

  • Celery contains nutrients like vitamin A which promotes healthy and glowing skin for your fluffy and furry dog.
  • It contains fibre which improves the digestive system of a dog.
  •  it can be good for dogs facing problems of arthritis as it contains anti-inflammatory properties.
  •  it is a healthy source of protein and can easily satisfy a hungry pup.
  • Crunching on celery is good for the teeth and gums of dogs and also helps them to freshen their breath.
  • Celery has high salt content and high water content as well.

Why celery can be bad for dogs?

Celery can cause a hazardous choking problem for small dogs and also if a dog eats too much celery then it can upset its stomach, it can cause problems like gas, vomiting, diarrhoea and abdominal bloating. Eating too much celery can also make your dog urinate more.

How to feed celery to dogs?

 Just like any other food if you are introducing celery to your dog for the first time then start with a small quantity to check the tolerance. Make sure you choose an organic one, dogs can eat both raw and cooked celery. Wash the celery first and then Cut it into small pieces and then give it to your dog.

What food can you give your dog instead of celery

Celery can be a very healthy and tasty snack for your dog but if your dog is allergic to celery then here are some food options that you can give your dog.

  • Spinach – contains magnesium, vitamins and potassium. It has High folic acid, calcium and iron content.
  • Carrots – it contains biotin, potassium and vitamin which makes it a perfect and crunchy snack for your dog.
  • Green beans – contains iron, calcium and all the minerals which are essential for a dog. It is not only rich in fibre but is also so a low-calorie snack.
  • Broccoli – improves bone density as it contains vitamins and potassium, it can also improve the heart health of the dog.
  • Beetroot – it helps your dog to digest properly and supports the immune system of a dog, It provides manganese, fibre, potassium and vitamins. It also makes your dog skin healthy and shiny.
  • Cucumber – Cucumber is a great source of water and has a lot of antioxidants that offer anti-inflammatory benefits to your dog.
  • Sweet potato – it is good for the digestive system of a dog as it is high in fibre. It not only contains vitamins and manganese but is also rich in antioxidants beta carotene.


If your dog likes to eat a crunchy and refreshing snack then you can give them celery. If it is given in the right amount then it can be a very healthy snack for your dog.

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