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Owning a dog can completely change your life. They make you very responsible and they become your best friend. If you own a dog you will notice that dogs love to come and eat whatever their owners are eating. A A lot of people all around the world consume cabbage, so it’s only natural to wonder if it is in fact safe for the dog. 

can dogs eat cabbage?

Can Dogs Eat Cabbage?

The answer is yes. Dogs can eat cabbage. It is a very healthy food item for them. Dogs can eat any type of cabbage, like green cabbage, red cabbage, and even purple cabbage. Cabbage is completely safe and healthy for dogs to consume. They can consume cabbage that is raw or cooked.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage For Dogs

Cabbage is an extremely healthy vegetable for both humans and dogs. It has a lot of benefits for your dog. It is a very good source of vitamins, like vitamin C, B1, K, and B6. It also contains a lot of healthy fibers and minerals like copper, manganese, and potassium. Cabbage also contains a lot of antioxidants that can be very helpful for your dog and it also has cancer-fighting properties. Feeding cabbage as a healthy food option to your dog can be a very good idea.

Why Can Cabbage Be Bad For Dogs?

Cabbage is a very healthy leafy vegetable to feed your dog but portion control is extremely important. Cabbage when taken in huge quantities for both humans and dogs can cause gas and digestive problems. Also considering the size of a dog’s stomach it is important to give your dog a limited amount of cabbage.

How To Feed Cabbage To Dogs?

There are numerous ways by which you can feed your dog Cabbage. Cabbage is safe and can be eaten raw or cooked by your dog which opens up a lot more ways by which you can feed your dog Cabbage. The best way to feed cabbage to your dog is by making a salad. You can give them an eighth cup of cabbage, you can add some tuna or salmon on top of it, and serve your dog. You can either cook the cabbage or you can leave it raw as well. Make sure you wash the cabbage very well before serving it to your dog and do not add any kind of seasoning to it.

What Foods Can You Give To Your Dog Instead Of Cabbage?

There are a lot of vegetables that are very healthy and safe for your dog instead of cabbage. Some of them are:

  • Spinach: Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin B6, C, K, B9, E, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, and folic acids and can be a very healthy option for your dog.
  • Kale: Kale can be another very healthy alternative to cabbage. It is high in vitamin A, K, and minerals like iron. It can help your dog with better vision, energy metabolism, and a good immune system. L
  • Cucumber: Cucumber is a very healthy vegetable for your dog and is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Broccoli: Broccoli can help in improving the bone density of your dog and is packed with vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, K, and potassium.

Are Dogs Allergic To Cabbage? 

No, dogs are not allergic to Cabbage in any way. Cabbage is a very healthy and safe vegetable for your dog. You can feed but not too much as too much can lead to gas and digestive problems in them.


Cabbage can be a very healthy food for your dog. It has a lot of benefits not only for humans but for dogs as well. So next time you get cabbage make sure you get some for your dog as well. You can feed them any kind of cabbage and you can feed them either raw or blanched or even boiled. 


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