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Brussels sprouts are one of those foods that people either hate or love. If someone asked you what is the gross vegetable you know? You may take the name of Brussels sprouts. This vegetable is very much popular for its strong smell and its bitter taste as well. People are running away after hearing the name of this particular vegetable. But if you cook them perfectly then, they will taste delicious. If you want to share some Brussel sprouts with your dog then, you will have to know whether it is safe for them or not.

can dogs eat brussel spouts?

Can dogs eat Brussels sprouts?

Brussels sprouts are safe for your dogs. But you need to give them in moderation. You should know the fact that Brussel sprouts are related to the family of broccoli. They both are part of the cruciferous family of vegetables. This vegetable is rich in fibre and vitamins. This vegetable looks like mini cabbage. They offer vitamins A, B1 and B6, minerals, anti-oxidants, manganese, folate, potassium and all. So, you can see that Brussel sprouts are very much beneficial for your dogs. You can give them. But moderation is the key factor that you need to check. 

Health benefits of Brussels sprouts for dogs:

Here are some health benefits of Brussel sprouts that you need to check out:

  • Brussels sprouts will build a strong immunity system for your dogs. It is rich in various types of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and all. It builds the strong immunity system of your dogs.
  • Brussels sprouts support the healthy heart of your dog. Your dogs will get a chance to eat a high amount of dietary fibre, potassium, magnesium and all.
  • Brussels sprouts are great for an anti-cancer diet for your dogs. It is an excellent and rich source of sulforaphane. This vegetable is packed with anti-oxidants. So, it helps a lot to fight against free radicals.
  • Brussels sprouts will be helpful for good digestive health as well. It allows the body to absorb so many vital nutrients. But overfeeding of Brussel sprouts will result in gas problems and upset tummy issues as well.
  • Brussels sprouts will be beneficial for the eye health of your dog.
  • It offers a nice amount of Vitamin K. So, it will maintain the overall health of blood.
  • Vitamin K is very much beneficial for bone health as well. So, from Brussel sprouts, you will get that.

How to feed Brussels sprouts to dogs?

You need to follow some tips while feeding Brussels sprouts to your dog. You should not give them raw Brussel sprouts. It will be hard to digest for them. You need to cut them into small slices for their ease of eating. If you want to introduce Brussels sprouts to your dog’s diet for the first time then, you need to start with a small quantity. Apart from this, you will have to make sure that you will cook Brussels sprouts before serving them to your dog.

What foods can you give to your dogs instead of Brussels sprouts?

If in doubt, you can give a lot of vegetables to your furry friend instead of Brussels sprouts. You can give them cabbage, broccoli and other types of green vegetables.

Are dogs allergic to Brussels sprouts?

Dogs are not allergic to Brussels sprouts. But you need to feed them in moderation.


As you can see that Brussels sprouts are not only good for humans but it also beneficial for your dogs. It will potential vitamins, minerals and offer healthy digestion as well.



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