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It was a wonderful evening and I was relaxing on the couch with a bowl of chips. Ah, what a movie, I exclaimed! Soon, I realized someone standing right in front of me and staring. It was my dear Pluto, my pet dog! What is he looking at? A bowl of chips or zucchini on the table. I wondered!

Should I give him a bite of chips? Or Zucchini?

can dogs eat zucchini?

Can dogs eat zucchini?

The answer to this question is a straight Yes! Dogs can eat zucchini and they like the mild flavor of it. Zucchini, technically speaking is called summer squash. Many of them mistake zucchini to be a vegetable. However, it is a fruit since it forms from the flower, basically a berry! So, how this veggie-fruit is beneficial to your dog. The health benefits to the flavor to everything, we have it here!

What are the Health benefits?

A bag of antioxidants

When you feed your dog with zucchini, you can be sure that you are feeding your dog with a bag of antioxidants. These are compounds from plants that keep your dog away from free radicals. The unstable molecules, free radicals, can cause serious harm to your dog in the long run. Free radicals are responsible for aging. They deteriorate the cells of your dog and cause aging. The accumulation of free radicals can speed up the aging process for your dog. Would you want your dog to age? Oh, nobody wants! You simply can’t see your pet aging or falling sick. Zucchini is the right feed to your dog to slow down this process.

The best source for digestionZucchini is also a great food to improve digestion. It is full of water and this veggie fruit speeds up the process of digestion. It also loosens the stools. Zucchini reduces the chances of a disorder that is related to the digestive system. Bowel diseases, loose stools, colitis, all this can be solved with a few feeds of zucchini for your dog.

Dense with nutrients

Zucchini is nutrient-rich. Rich in Vitamin A, C, K, and E, it is a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Who wouldn’t want to feed their dog with nutrient-rich foods? After all, you love your dog as much as anyone else in the house. Zucchini when consumed raw is better compared to the cooked ones. Raw zucchini contains more amount of Vitamin A. Puree the zucchini and give it to your dog and you will see, your dog enjoying it.

Ultimate weight specialist

Zucchini can be termed a great weight specialist. Low in calories, high in water content, this is the ultimate weight-loss food. Zucchini is rich in fiber and this keeps your dog full for a longer time. One cup of zucchini contributes only to 17 calories. Dogs can consume 10 % of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Adding some zucchini and greens can help your dog get the required nutrition and also allows your dog to reduce a few pounds.

How to feed your dog with Zucchini-the right way?

Always make sure you feed your dog with a tender zucchini. If you feed your dog with a grown-up zucchini, chances are that it may taste bitter. Dogs, generally, avoid bitter foods. When you are feeding vegetables and fruits to your dog, see that you prepare it well. The best way to feed your dog with zucchini is by taking a puree. This will ease the digestion process.

While preparing zucchini for your dog, make sure

  • You cut the stalk of the zucchini.
  • You can blend it, steam it or even boil it.
  • Chop them into tiny pieces.

Ways to feed your dog with zucchini

If your dog is not a great fan of zucchini but you intend to feed him with this nutrient-dense vegetable, then there are ways you can do it.

You can add zucchini to the top of your meals. You can also give this to him as a treat. Meat-based diets are sometimes considered best for dogs. But, adding small amounts of fruits and vegetables can be beneficial too.

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