If you are fond of Japanese cuisine, chances are that you drool over sushi. Often it has also crossed your mind how about feeding your pooches a bite or two of this exotic Japanese seafood. But the matter of concern here is can dogs eat sushi? And the way your doggo wags his tail the moment you indulge in this decadent treat, it’s all the more obvious that you want him to have a bite. Let’s see if it’s right for your companion.

can dogs eat sushi?

Can dogs eat sushi?

If your dog manages to get a hold of a piece of your sushi, it should generally be fine. The risks with sushi depend on what it’s made with. Sushi rice is safe for your dog, although you should generally avoid giving your dog anything with added sugar. Fish is a great source of protein and most dogs really enjoy the taste. Properly prepared sushi grade fish served raw should be fine but there is always a small possibility of parasites, especially with raw salmon. Cooked fish in sushi is fine. Seaweed used for sushi is also safe for your dog.

Other ingredients in sushi can cause some problems. Avocados should be avoided since they are high in fat and some dogs can become sick after eating large amounts. Mayonnaise should also be avoided since it is high in fat and not healthy. Ensure that there are no other seasonings added to the sushi that may be harmful to your dog. Wasabi and pickled ginger, which often accompany sushi, are not toxic but soy sauce should be avoided due to it’s high salt content.. If your dog does eat some sushi, they may experience some stomach discomfort or loose stools, which should be self-limiting.

Health benefits of sushi for dogs

One of the most important benefits of feeding sushi to your dog is that they get their required dose of salmon which is a powerhouse of nutrients. It contains copious amounts of omega 3-fatty acids which are good for their cardiac health, skin, immune system, and eyes. Moreover, sushi contains seaweed and nori which are filled with minerals and vitamins that are required for maintaining the optimum health of your dog.

Why sushi can be bad for dogs?

Since sushi comes in different types and with such a huge variety of ingredients, it’s crucial that you know what exactly you are feeding your dog.

The greatest risk of feeding sushi to dogs comes from the raw fish which houses bacteria and parasites. Since most dogs can be allergic to it, it’s suggested that you can get them imitation crab meat or even veggie sushi.

Also, too much rice can be bad for your dogs. Since sushi contains a lot of rice, if your dog has it regularly, it may upset their stomach and even lead to malnourishment. Also, some dogs are allergic to avocado as well. Moreover, you cannot forget the extra spices and condiments used for preparing sushi. Toppings like wasabi, mayo, soya sauce, and English mustard may hurt your doggy’s stomach too.

How to feed sushi to dogs?

In order to be safe, you should only feed little amounts of cooked fish without any added fat and sauce. What’s best is to cook the sushi at home so that you can monitor the ingredients and their amounts before feeding it to your dogs.

If you are preparing sushi for your dog, make sure you clean it thoroughly so that it’s safe for their consumption. Regardless of whether you feed raw or supplemental treats for your dog, it’s important that the sushi has balanced nutrition so that your dogs can enjoy the meal without you having to worry about their health.

How much sushi should a dog get?

If you are really worried can dogs eat sushi and want them to taste it, make sure that you practice moderation. You may give him only a piece or two as a treat once in a week at the most. Also, it’s a reminder that you know that the ingredients are safe for your dog’s stomach. But if your dog is of a large breed and weighs over 70 pounds, then he may indulge in a few full sushi rolls without worries.

Are dogs allergic to sushi?

This largely depends on the kind of ingredients that go in the sushi. If you know of a certain food that is not suitable for your dog, steer clear from feeding it to your dog.

What to do if your dog eats a sushi?

If your dog eats up sushi and develops allergic reactions, you should contact the vet without further delay. Even if it so happens that you see your dog has consumed anything that may have an ill impact on their health, call the vet immediately without waiting for the symptoms to develop.

Can diabetic dogs eat sushi?

Most dogs can eat sushi without any problem. But if your dog is diabetic or has some other chronic health problems, it’s important that you talk to your vet first. For your diabetic dog, rice and salt content could be a threat to their health.


Sushi is an umbrella term for a broad array of dishes. But dogs can consume sushi in moderation but you have to be cautious about the ingredients to make sure that your pooch is not allergic to any of it.

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