Can Dogs Eat Sushi?


Sushi is safe for dogs

If your dog manages to get a hold of a piece of your sushi, it should generally be fine. The risks with sushi depend on what it’s made with. Sushi rice is safe for your dog, although you should generally avoid giving your dog anything with added sugar. Fish is a great source of protein and most dogs really enjoy the taste. Properly prepared sushi grade fish served raw should be fine but there is always a small possibility of parasites, especially with raw salmon. Cooked fish in sushi is fine. Seaweed used for sushi is also safe for your dog.

Other ingredients in sushi can cause some problems. Avocados should be avoided since they are high in fat and some dogs can become sick after eating large amounts. Mayonnaise should also be avoided since it is high in fat and not healthy. Ensure that there are no other seasonings added to the sushi that may be harmful to your dog. Wasabi and pickled ginger, which often accompany sushi, are not toxic but soy sauce should be avoided due to it’s high salt content.. If your dog does eat some sushi, they may experience some stomach discomfort or loose stools, which should be self-limiting.