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I once wondered how my pup would like the pomegranate, especially its red juicy seeds. I threw some in front of him but he did not seem to be interested in these shiny and succulent fruit. He just smelt and walked away. I thought he din’t like it. But soon I found him chewing a full piece that had fallen from the garden tree. I wondered if this was going to harm him. If yes, what should I do?

Can dogs eat pomegranate?

Can dogs eat pomegranate?

Dogs can eat pomegranate as pomegranate is nontoxic for them. But the quantity you are going to feed to your dog should be small. Dogs don’t benefit from fruits in the same way as we humans. They don’t break down the nutrients as we do. 

Why pomegranate can be bad for dogs?

Pomegranates have a large number of seeds and if you feed your dog raw pomegranate he will end up ingesting a lot of these seeds. This can cause digestive problems and an upset tummy. The dog’s digestive system will try to expel these seeds and chances are your dog is going to either throw up or have diarrhea, or both.

The seeds have what is called “tannins” and they, along with the flesh around the seeds, store the antioxidants in the fruit. Dogs react to antioxidants differently and it cause strong acidity in the canine’s stomach.

How to feed pomegranate to dogs?

The best way is to feed pomegranate extract to your dog. You can derive this by grinding the pomegranate along with the seeds and a little water in a grinder. Then, pass the liquid through the sieve and set aside the liquid for use. Now, you can feed this extract directly to your dog or use it to enhance the food you give him.

You can give him a little amount of raw pomegranate as well. Some products in the market claim the extract from the pomegranate skin is good for gut health of the dog. You can try this but be watchful of how your reacts to this. If it does not suit, don’t give him. Pomegranate juices can be given, but only in moderate quantity. It should try to replace water, which dogs need in copious amounts.

How many pomegranates should a dog get?

The best way is to feed small amounts of pomegranate to your dog. Whether you feed him raw, juices, extracts or in some other form, feed him only moderately.

What fruits can you give to your dog instead of pomegranate?

There are some fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupes that you can feed to your dog in good quantities. But you should remove the seeds before giving these fruits to your dog. There are some fruits such as grapes, avocado, raisins, etc, which are extremely harmful for dogs. Similarly, you will find numerous lists of fruits (on the internet) which are good for dogs. You can choose some from the list of fruits good for dogs.

Are dogs allergic to pomegranate?

Dogs are not allergic to pomegranates. But if they consume eat a lot of pomegranate, they are surely going to have digestive problems that will result in throwing up and diarrhea. 

What to do if your dog eats pomegranate?

Pomegranate is not toxic for dogs. So, your dog is not going face a serious health problem because he ate some pomegranates. However, he may face abdominal pain and upset tummy. Your dog might get cured without any treatment. If your dog is in serious discomfort, you should consult a vet.

Can diabetic dogs eat pomegranate?

Pomegranate is a low-calorie fruit and a small quantity of this fruit will not add significant numbers of calories. So, even if your dog is diabetic, there is little harm in giving him a little pomegranate even regularly. With little activity, he will burn the calories gained through this fruit.

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