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can dogs eat kiwi?

Can dogs eat Kiwi?

There is no harm in feeding a little amount of kiwi — a few pieces — to the dog. But as with other fruits, the seeds in kiwi can be a problem as they can be toxic to the dog. The skin of the fruit is not harmful but may cause digestion issues for your dog. So, while your dog can eat kiwi, you will have to take care of certain things.

Health benefits of kiwis for dogs

Kiwis have many health benefits for humans. But dogs’ nutrition needs are different from those of humans. Everything good for humans is not necessarily good for dogs. For example, Kiwi contains a good deal of vitamin C, but the dog does not need it from kiwis as the dog itself produces enough vitamin C for its needs.

However, feeding a small amount of kiwi after removing its seeds may be good for your dog. Kiwi has anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting respiratory problems. It has vitamin K and Vitamin E as well as a great deal of potassium. They protect against cell damage and asthma. Kiwis can help keep blood pressure normal and the immune system stronger in your dog.

Why can kiwis be bad for dogs?

Dogs tend to swallow big pieces of food. If you are not careful, your dog might swallow a whole kiwi which may get stuck in its airway or inside the intestine. In both these cases, the dog’s life can be in danger and you must take him to the vet without losing any time. Both small and big dogs are at risk of getting choked by eating a whole kiwi.

Eating the skin may cause gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal pain, constipation, and diarrhea. These conditions may also trouble your dog if ends up eating too much kiwi. The seed of the kiwi may also get blocked in the intestine and may prove to be toxic for the dog.

How to feed kiwis to dogs?

You should give a small piece of kiwi to your dog. Initially, he may not like it because of its taste or flavor. It’s best to remove the skin and seeds and cut the fruit into a few pieces. You can give 2-3 pieces to him at a time, never feeding him too much of the fruit.

How many kiwis should a dog get?

The dog should be given a few pieces of a kiwi. It should be given as a treat and should not attempt to replace his regular meal.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of kiwis?

Dogs should be given the manufactured food meant for them. They should not be given human food. A small amount of kiwi is just fine. But make sure not to give him forbidden fruits such as grapes, avocado, raisins, etc. 

Are dogs allergic to kiwis?

Generally, dogs are not allergic to kiwi but you should watch it in case of your dog. After you give him a few pieces of kiwi to eat, watch for any abnormal behavior or sign on his part.

What to do if your dog eats a whole kiwi?

If your dog ends up swallowing a whole kiwi, there is a chance of the fruit getting lodged in the dog’s airway or some part of the intestine. In this case, you should take him to a vet immediately. You should also be ready for the removal of the fruit surgically.

Can diabetic dogs eat kiwi?

Dogs should be fed only a small quantity of kiwi. If the quantity is small, it may help a diabetic dog because it has vitamins and minerals that a diabetic dog might be deficient in. Eating kiwi can also help them keep their blood pressure normal.


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