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Lobsters are a staple at our home. We love lobster dishes and have lots of them over the weekend. While it’s being cooked, my dog gets the smell and becomes excited. We know dogs are carnivores and love eating meat and seafood, but should we give it lobster, too?

can dogs eat lobsters?

Can dogs eat lobster?

Dogs can eat lobster. Lobster is a good source of protein and relatively low in fat and calories. It is a good source of vitamin B12, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and selenium. When feeding lobster to your dog, it is important to cook it first as raw lobster can contain harmful bacteria or parasites. It is best to serve the meat plain and avoid any ingredients that may be harmful to your dog, such as garlic, salt, butter, or mayonnaise. Try and avoid the shell since large pieces can cause a blockage or have sharp edges which can cause problems if swallowed.

Health benefits of lobster for dogs

A lobster meal can be something your dog will always keep looking forward to. It’s delicious and sumptuous. It’s also full of vital nutrients that keep your dog in good health and high on energy. Can dogs eat lobster? Yes, they can.

Most of all, it contains a good deal of protein, which is the primary source of energy for whatever your dog does. Besides, it goes into making and growing his muscles. Lobster meat also contains Omega-3 fatty acids that contribute to the overall wellbeing of your dog. 

It contains zincs that are vital for bone joints, magnesium that relieves stress and pain in the muscles, and phosphorus that makes the bones stronger. It also contains iron and other useful minerals.

Why lobster can be bad for dogs?

Lobster can be bad for dogs if you feed them this seafood uncooked. Raw lobsters carry a large number of bacteria. They can cause intestinal infections in your dog. A cooked lobster can prove to be a bad meal if its hard shell is not removed.

How to feed lobster to dogs?

You should not give your dog as much lobster as he can eat. Eating too much of it can cause an upset stomach.

You should feed your dog only cooked lobsters. Before giving him to eat, you should carefully remove all the hard shell. Allow him to eat only the meat and what he can consume safely. 

Another thing to remember is the ingredient that you put in the lobster meal for your dog. Usually, we cook lobster with generous amounts of onion and garlic. Both these condiments are toxic to dogs and should be completely avoided.

Similarly, oil and salt are important ingredients in human food, but for dogs, they can be health hazards. So, you should not give fried, spicy, or salty lobster dishes to your dog.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of lobster?

If for some reason, you don’t want to give lobster to your dog, you can choose from a number of fish and seafood. But you should be careful with ingredients as some of them such as onions and garlic can be toxic to the dog.

You can give cooked shrimps and crabs but here too you should remove the hard shells before feeding these items to your dog.

You can give your dog some fish dishes cooked in a plain manner. Fish species such as whitefish, flounder, salmon, herring, and catfish are safe for dogs.

Are dogs allergic to lobster?

Dogs are not allergic to lobster. However, uncooked lobster can be loaded with bacteria, and prove to be harmful if eaten raw by your dog. The hard shell found on the back of the lobster can also be problematic if consumed by your dog.

What to do if your dog eats lobsters?

If your dog has eaten raw lobsters or ingested the hard shell, you should be on the lookout for any unusual signs in your dog. If you notice any unexplained gastrointestinal problems such as diarrhea, pain, or discomfort, you should take your dog to the vet immediately.


Lobsters are good for your dog’s meal. But give him this seafood only in a limited quantity. Also, always remove the hard shell from the lobster before feeding it to the dog. Remember, not to use onion, garlic, excess salt, and oil in your dog’s lobster meal.

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