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All of those who own dogs know how their pets grab anything to chew as they do not know if that thing is healthy for them or not. It could be anything like leftover food, garbage or anything that they shouldn’t chew. Have you ever wondered if your dog gets hold of jicama? What then? Is it poisonous? Can dogs eat jicama?

can dogs eat jicama?

Can dogs eat jicama?

The root of the jicama plant is safe to eat. The rest of the plant, especially the seeds, is poisonous. Jicama is a good source of vitamin C and contains inulin. Inulin is an excellent source of fiber and is considered a prebiotic. It stimulates healthy bacteria in the gut and helps with digestion. Jicama can be fed fresh or cooked. When cooking, avoid adding any ingredients which may be harmful to your dog. Because of the inulin, jicama can cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, flatulence, and diarrhea so only feed it in moderation.

Health benefits of jicama for dogs

Jicama is very beneficial for dogs. It contains a lot of fiber and it has a lot of micronutrients and has minimal calories and carbs. The fiber is a blessing for your dog if they are constipated. But be careful not to give it to them in a large quantity.

It is also good for your pup’s heart as it is low in calories and rich in fiber. It is also beneficial for their immune system as it contains high levels of vitamin C and potassium.

Why can jicama be bad for dogs?

It’s always recommended to consult a vet before introducing new food to your dog.

When it comes to dogs, not every part of jicama is edible. The stem, leaves, seeds and skin have rotenone in them which is quite dangerous for dogs. While some dogs have problems even after eating only the flesh of the vegetable. It is not toxic but can upset their stomach and cause gastric problems.

How to feed jicama to dogs?

Be careful to only feed the bulb to your dog as the rest of the parts can be toxic for them. Dogs can eat jicama both ways either cooked or raw. Cooking is a better option as it removes any chance of having discomfort in digesting but if given raw that also does not create any problems. It could be sprinkled or be shredded on your dog’s food or could even be given as small pieces. Remember to not give your dog big pieces as that could increase the risk of choking or a gaseous blockage.

What quantity should be given to the dog?

Jicama has a sweet taste and we know how dogs have a sweet tooth. It is low in calories hence will not cause obesity. One serving of the vegetable has approx four ounces that are about six grams of fiber, one gram of protein and has forty-three calories thus making it very healthy and balanced for your pup.

What to be given to your dog instead of jicama?

Well the vegetable in itself is a great treat but you could be mixed with other ingredients so that it gets more healthy. You can search for the recipes online.

Are dogs allergic to jicama?

Most of the dogs react nicely to jicama. But some of them have an allergic reaction to it when they have it for the first time. Consult with a veterinarian before giving them jicama. If any kind of allergic reaction is visible that straight away, rush to the nearest vet.

Can diabetic dogs eat jicama?

Jicama has very low-calorie content and only has a very small amount of sugar. It can be given as a treat to give to your dogs who are suffering from diabetes and pancreatitis. Jicama contains potassium that relaxes the blood vessels that lowers the level of sugar in the blood.

If you have jicama at home and are enjoying it you can share it with your dog. They will love it as it has a kinda sweet taste. They will benefit a lot from that vegetable as it has a lot of nutrients in it and can also get a break from their everyday meal. It can be served alone or can be mixed with peanut butter or with meat depending upon the kind of dish your dog loves to eat. But before feeding consult a vet.

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