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can dogs eat fennel?

You may have heard from a neighbor that adding fennel to your dog’s diet will give it fresh breath! But you’ve never seen anything like it. Well! You are not alone. Many people are unaware that this herb is used in pet food because it contains important vitamins and minerals that aid in digestion.

Can dogs eat fennel? 

Yes, dogs can consume fennel because the ASPCA states that fennel is safe for dogs in small amounts. You can use chopped fennel herbs to make treats at home or add it when making wet dog food. However, make sure that the amount is no more than a teaspoon. Not only the seeds, stalks, and bulb-like stem are safe for dogs to eat.

Health benefits of fennel for dogs

Fennel is a simple herb that contains a wealth of nutrients not only for humans but also for dogs. Whether you cook, bake, boil, or serve it raw, it will nourish your dog and provide it with all of the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

First and foremost, fennel is high in vitamin A and vitamin C. When Vitamin C is digested, it transforms into an antioxidant. It also improves the function of the immune system and aids in the production of collagen. Fennel’s iron and vitamin C content allow for maximum absorption.

Vitamin A is especially beneficial to your dog’s eyesight and bone health if he is elderly. Fennel bulb contains 115 mg of calcium, which is beneficial to the health of your dog’s teeth and bones. Furthermore, fennel contains high levels of iron, potassium, and other antioxidants that help dogs stay healthy.

How to feed fennel to dogs? 

You can use ground fennel seeds to make herbal tea for dogs, which you can then feed to them once it has cooled. However, when deciding how much to add, you should keep your dog’s size and age in mind. You can also cook with the various parts of this herb, and your dogs will undoubtedly enjoy the fresh flavor of this herb and its seeds. If you’re wondering if dogs can eat fennel, you should be very careful about portion size.

Why can fennel be bad for dogs? 

Essential fennel oil, derived from fennel seeds, is not suitable for dogs. Even though all parts of fennel seeds are safe to eat, your dog may not be able to digest them all. It’s best to avoid feeding your dog hard parts like fennel bulbs, and you should always consider your dog’s gum and strength before feeding.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of fennel? 

If your dog is allergic to fennel, you can safely remove it from their diet. Dairy products, white and brown rice, apple, chicken, peanut butter, popcorn without butter or other flavoring agents, juicy fruits, and fresh vegetables are all good sources of nutrients and minerals for them.

However, there are some foods that you should never give them. For your dog, these include chocolate, cherries, raisins, currants, grapes, coconut, and nuts.

Are dogs allergic to fennel?

Because dogs can easily digest fennel stems and leaves, it’s best to avoid giving them too much of this herb because it can disrupt their gastrointestinal health. When your dog is fed too many fennel seeds, he may vomit, have diarrhea, or have an upset stomach.

These seeds may be indigestible to lactating or pregnant dogs. So, if you’re wondering if dogs can eat fennel, don’t give it to your dog if it’s allergic.

What to do if your dog eats fennel? 

If your dog is allergic to fennel and consumes it, he or she may experience allergic reactions. You may notice that your dog has an upset stomach, digestive issues, and a loss of appetite, which will likely go away on its own. However, if you notice that the side effects are out of control, you should go to the vet right away.


Fennel is a powerful carminative with anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. If you’re wondering if dogs can eat fennel, don’t be. It’s completely safe for them and has a slew of advantages.

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