Duck meat is quite healthy and very delicious by nature. As much as it is liked by many people all around the world, dogs love them too. My dog, especially, loves when I serve her duck feet for lunch or dinner. But not every dog is same. So, the question — can dogs eat duck is one of the most common ones. You might be wondering about it when your pup is drooling and begging for a bite of the duck meat. Well, to know the answer, read on.

can dogs eat duck?

Can dogs eat duck?

The straight answer to this question is — yes! Duck meat is completely safe to consume for the dogs. In fact, duck meats come with a lot of nutritional benefits that can add some goodness and wholesomeness to the overall diet of your pup. But as duck meat is more expensive than chicken or beef, many people may not be able to buy them for daily consumption of their dogs. In such cases, you can save the duck meat for any special occasion meal or special treat for your pup. This way, they will be able to enjoy the delicious taste as well as get the essential benefits too.

Health benefits of ducks for dogs

Some of the amazing health benefits of the duck meat for your dogs are:

  • Provides essential nutrients: The duck meat contains all the important and vital nutrients that your dog needs for proper growth and healthy living. It contains high level of iron, lean protein, amino acids etc.
  • Stronger muscles: With the presence of lean protein and amino acids, your dog can get some great health benefits from the duck. It helps in building stronger muscles. Thus, they can be much more active and healthy.
  • Relief to digestive problems: Duck meat can help in clearing up ay digestive problem or issue that your dog is experiencing. It is easy to digest and doesn’t cause any stomach problem.
  • Well-balanced food: Including duck in the diet of your dog comes with great advantage. This provides a well-balanced diet that your dog will not only enjoy but it will also provide complete nutrients to your dog.

How to feed duck to dogs?

When feeding your dog with the duck, you have to make sure that you are cooking the duck meat in a simple way. Do not add too much of spices or herbs to the recipe. Some of the spices and herbs can be toxic or poisonous for your dog. It can mess up with their digestive system too. Hence, cook it in the simplest way possible.

Before cooking, make sure to cut off as much fat from the meat as possible. Even if you are roasting, don’t add spices or herbs. Cut the fat off from the duck as high quantity of high fat in your dog’s diet can lead to obesity. Also, don’t serve the skin of the duck to your dog as the skin contains a lot of fat in it.

Are dogs allergic to duck? What are the symptoms of duck allergies?

While ducks are 100% safe for the dogs, if cooked properly, it can be allergic to some of the dogs. The common symptoms of having duck allergies in dog are skin rashes and itchiness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, trouble in breathing, bald spots, excessive licking, swelling in facial area and nausea.

If you are not sure whether or not your dog is allergic to duck, then you must provide them with a very small quantity first. Makes sure the skin and fats are properly trimmed off. Don’t add any spice or herbs to the meat. In case, you notice some of the above mentioned symptoms, then you have to call the veterinarian immediately or visit one right away. If 24 hours have passed since the feed and you have not seen any symptoms, then your dog is not allergic.


So, can dogs eat duck? Of course, your dog can if he/she is not allergic to it. You can either roast the meat for them or cook it properly. Besides being very delicious, the duck meat contains a lot of vital nutrients which can be quite beneficial for your dog.


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