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can dogs eat chicken?

In most cases, dog owners regard their pets as part of the family. We often forget that they don’t have the same diet as humans. How many times had you secretly thrown scraps of chicken to your pet from under the table? 

Can dogs eat chicken?

In many cases, chicken is one of the ingredients that manufacturers use in producing commercial dog foods. It is safe to say that you can give the chicken to your dog. In fact, chicken provides a good source of protein. You can even replace your dog’s usual meal with chicken. You also have the option of adding chicken to your dog’s regular meal.

Most experts agree that dog owners should refrain from giving raw chicken to their dogs to prevent the possible occurrence of bacterial infections or the risk of salmonella.

Health Benefits of Chicken for Dogs

Chicken is a rich source of protein, which can help your dog obtain optimum health. Dogs rely on protein as their chief energy provider. Dogs with upset stomachs can consume rice and chicken for their bland diet. It is important to cook the chicken thoroughly before you give it to your dog. Raw chicken may introduce the risk of salmonella in some dogs if not prepared properly.

Chicken is one of the lean meats that will not add unnecessary extra calories to your dog’s diet. You may choose to give your dogs cooked chicken several times a week. This can give your dog healthy skin and a shiny coat.

If you are looking for a good source of amino acids and glucosamine, you can include chicken in your dog’s diet. It helps build lean muscle tissue and is beneficial for bone health. However, you need to take some precautions when giving chicken to your pet because it may trigger allergies in some dogs.

How to Feed chicken to dogs?

Whenever you feed chicken to your dog, you need to make sure to cook it thoroughly. Boiling the chicken is the healthiest way to do it. Never ever give the raw chicken to your dog to avoid possible health issues later.

You may choose to bake, grill, poach, or roast the chicken that you are going to feed to your dog. As much as possible, hold the seasoning or use only a little. You can serve the chicken together with your dog’s regular diet. You may also choose to serve it as a treat. You may also mix it with vegetables, such as carrot, string beans, and other dog-friendly veggies or healthy grains.

You may also use canned chicken as an alternative, but you should rinse out the salt first from the meat. Use a strainer or colander when rinsing the canned meat. Sodium or salt can make your dog thirsty and introduce other health issues.

You can give 1 cup serving of flaked chicken meat with rice, veggies, or fish for adult dogs or those with large built. You can give a half cup of the same mixture to medium-sized dogs. A small dog can get a quarter cup of the same mixture.

Take note that not all dogs like to eat chicken, and your dog could be one of them. If that’s the case, it is best not to force him and just find another alternative source of protein.

Why can Chicken be Bad for Dogs?

Chicken is a good source of protein, but it can also be bad for your dog. Why? Aside from the possible risk of salmonella, there are two things that you need to be aware of.

  1. The bones of cooked chicken splinter easily.

When serving the chicken, you need to flake it to make sure that no bone splinters get mixed into it. Your dog may suffer from gastrointestinal tract puncture or choking when he chewed on the bone splinters.

  1. Chicken may trigger allergies.

Some dogs have chicken allergies. In fact, chicken is among the top 10 allergy-causing ingredients.

To avoid these troubles, remember to cook the chicken thoroughly, remove the bones, and watch out for signs of allergic reactions.

What Foods can you Give to your Dog Instead of Chicken?

You can give the following human foods as a substitute for chicken:

– You may try giving your dog drained beans, peas, or carrots.

– You can give salmon to your dog.

– You may also try giving your dog cooked pasta or rice.

– Boiled or scrambled egg is also fine. However, you may just give cooked egg whites when your dog has a renal problem.

– You can give bananas or apples as treats.

– Potatoes are a great poultry meat substitute.

– Peanut butter is also good.

Keep everything in moderation and don’t give more than necessary. We want to pamper our dogs as much as we can, but giving them a little too much will not bring them any benefits.

Are Dogs Allergic to Chicken?

Some dogs are allergic to chicken. Food allergies usually manifest when the dogs reach their third birthday. The common signs are:

– Hives

– Diarrhea

– Bald patches

– Obsessive licking

– Wheezing

– Vomiting

– Skin rashes and infections

– Paw biting

– Chronic ear infection

What to do If your Dog Eats Chicken?

If you are not certain whether your dog is allergic to chicken, it is best to observe him closely whenever he eats. If you notice the signs of allergies, you not stop giving your dog chicken and consult the vet right away.


Your dog may eat chicken, but you need to watch out for possible signs of trouble to ensure his health.

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