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Chicory is known as a prebiotic. Chicory belongs to the family of food that helps healthy bacteria thrive. By preparing the digestive tract the important nutrients are easily absorbed and spread through the entire body. First, the root was used as a substitute for coffee but when it was found to be prebiotic it has been put to various other uses. It is rich in insulin which has a lot of beneficial sugar. But have you ever wondered – can dogs eat chicory root? This article will clear all your doubts.

can dogs chicory root?

Can dogs eat chicory roots?

The answer to this is a yes. Chicory is being added in many dog foods as it is a very good prebiotic and due to the natural insulin present in it. Vets recommend it when dogs have intestinal worms as it contains natural oils that kill those parasites.


Health benefits from chicory root

The root contains sugar and polysaccharide insulin. Insulin has a positive effect on the gut of your pup and is also a source of fibre that is soluble. Also, natural insulin is used for dog food flavouring that enhances the taste of their food. Some oils in the root also help kill the worms inside the digestive tract of your dog. It helps bowel movement. It provides antioxidants to your pup.

Can the root be harmful to your dog?

If not given in the right proportion It may cause gastric problems to your dog. It may also cause a lot of burping due to gastric issues. It may also lead to stomach cramps that will be quite painful for your pup. Before giving them the chicory root consult with your vet.


How to feed them the chicory root?

The root can be given raw and dried. You can even cook the root and give it to them. The other way can be drying the root and shredding it over the normal food that your dog has every day. It will enhance the taste of the food and you can be sure that the food will get finished.

What food to be given instead of the chicory root?

You can give the treats or dog food that contains the root rather than giving them the root directly. In that way, you will be able to give the benefits of the root and not have a fear of giving the extra so that it causes side effects. There are a lot of dog food brands that have started using the chicory root so as to enhance the flavour and also to provide them with probiotics.

Are Dogs allergic to chicory root? 

Yes, some dogs can be allergic to the root. The insulin in the root may cause gastric issues if the root does not suit your dog. The root is not compatible with your dog then it may cause some type of allergic reaction.

If something like this happens don’t panic. Just take them to a veterinarian hospital so that he/she can give your dog a remedy for the allergies or any other side effects that your dog is experiencing.

Can diabetic dogs consume the chicory root?

The chicory root contains insulin which may play with the sugar levels in your dog’s blood. Sweet things are harmful to dogs and if your dogs have diabetes then it can be more harmful. So before giving it to your dog, research properly about it before giving it to your diabetic dog.

We see big dog brands using the root in their products due to its beneficial properties. But keep in mind that it is used in minimal quantities just to help in digestion and its probiotic quality. Hence, referring to a vet is better than directly feeding it to your dog. I hope this article cleared your doubts as to – can dogs eat chicory root?


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