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Imagine summer time, you are sitting on your couch enjoying those juicy, pulpy and delicious mangoes. Suddenly you see your best friend staring at you with those puppy eyes wanting one bite. Now you are confused as to if you should give them the mango or not. You have no idea if it is safe to feed mangoes to your dog. 

can dogs eat mango?

So,  Can dogs eat mangoes?

The answer is yes dogs can eat mangoes. Mangoes contain a lot of vitamins for your dog to have. Remember to peel the fruit and remove the inner seed. But this does to mean that they can have it in a huge quantity. Give it to them in moderation.

Health Benefits that mango has on your dog

Dogs can not only enjoy the fruit as a tasty snack but also have many health benefits. Mangoes are rich in fiber and also many vitamins such as vitamin A, B6, C, and E making it a healthy source for you as well as your pup. The sweetness of the fruit will make your dog fall in love with its taste. When mangoes are ripe they are soft but still cut them up into small pieces so your dog doesn’t choke on them.

Can mangoes be dangerous for your dog?

The skin of the fruit is dangerous as it contains urushiol that is found in poison ivy / oak that can produce rashes if it comes in contact with your dog’s skin. Also it is difficult to digest and chew that may lead to an upset stomach , vomiting or even a blocked intestine.

The pit of the fruits is also dangerous as it contains amygdalin. It turns into cyanide when swallowed and can lead to a tummy ache or even poisoning when too much. Also it can choke their throat.

Mangoes are rich in fiber. Consuming a large quantity of fiber can cause your dog to have constipation or an upset stomach or diarrhea.

How to feed magones to your pup?

When you feed your dog mangoes be sure to remove the peel and the pit. The pit may cause choking if not removed. Also do not give big pieces.

What quantity of mangoes can dogs eat?

One- quarter cup of fresh mangoes is the amount that should be given to your dogs but just once a week for small breeds and for the big breeds twice a week is appropriate. Do not give more than that as it may cause diabetes and obesity.

What foods can be substituted for mangoes and given to the dog?

Instead of giving raw mangoes you can make recipes that include mangoes. There are many recipes on the net especially made for dogs. Those are healthy and will ensure that your pup is not consuming too much of the fruit. Also there will be no choking hazards and when mixed with the other ingredients it will become more healthy.

Are dogs allergic to Mangoes? 

As pointed out earlier the skin of the mango has a certain chemical named urushiol that can cause rashes on your dog’s body if they come in contact. So always remember to peel the mango and give it to them.

If such a thing happens, rush to the nearest veterinarian hospital for a check-up so that the situation can come under control.

Can diabetic dogs eat mangoes?

All the dogs without any type of ailment can easily consume the fruit. But if your dog is diabetic be careful before offering them a sweet fruit. You should consult with a vet before you feed a mango to your diabetic dog.One cup of this fruit contains about 99 calories and 22.5 grams of sugar. The fruit may spike the blood sugar levels in your dog, putting them at risk. The amount that can be given to such dogs have to be consulted or else it can be very dangerous for them.

Also you shouldn’t feed mangoes to dogs suffering from obesity or dogs suffering from kidney disease without consultation.

Just like any other human food the 90/10 treat method ,that means they should only be 10% of the daily calories your dog consumes, has to be applied here. Because of their high sugar and fiber content they should be given occasionally.


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