At What Temperature Does Your Dog Need a Coat?

  • By: Georgiana Donald
  • Date: October 5, 2022
  • Time to read: 4 min.

Pet clothing is a serious industry these days, as you may have noticed by so many accessories available in the shops. Pet stores sell all kinds of coats, from all kinds of materials, like merino wool, and fleece to raincoats and winter jackets. But do dogs really need these? The answer is not entirely simple, since many of these animals tend to retain heat quite well.

In order to answer the question of whether your dog needs a coat or not, and at what temperature it should wear one, one needs to understand that dogs do not sweat through their skin. They lose heat through their paws and panting, therefore many of them may find paw protectors more useful. They also do not have sweat glands in their skin, so there is no loss of body temperature. This is a problem for some dogs in the summer because at that time of year they have more problems with the weather than in the winter. It is easier for them to overheat than to cool down.


But, since there are so many breeds, not all of them have the same coat, so when the coat is necessary will also depend on your dog’s breed. For example, some breeds do not have an undercoat, and therefore are more prone to feeling cold. If you have one of those breeds, you should pay attention to how it behaves, and decide whether it needs a coat.

Pay attention to how it behaves

The feeling of cold also depends on the amount of fat tissue and the type of fur. Those that have a double layer of furs like huskies and other northern dog breeds are better at removing water from their skin. Even when it’s freezing rain, such dogs will not get wet to the skin. They don’t mind the cold because their body stores all the heat.
But dogs that do not have such dense protection; short-haired, single-coated dogs like chihuahuas have difficulty staying comfortably warm. They get wet and evaporate through their skin, so they get cold easily. You may notice that the dog is shaking and you will realize that your pet needs a warm coat. Dog coats come in all kinds of materials, and the best way to browse the offer is to visit

There are certain misconceptions about whether such clothes should be a part of every owner’s dog accessory collection, and in the following lines, we are going to mention some of them.


1. All dogs should wear coats to protect themselves from the cold. The truth is, they don’t have to. However, dogs with shorter hair, older dogs, puppies, and dogs with certain health problems will feel the benefits of winter clothing and additional heating. They will definitely need a wardrobe. And the right one – to cover from neck to tail and to protect the stomach.

2. All dogs easily and quickly get used to the wardrobe designed for them. The fact is that for some dogs it is not the most pleasant and fun thing for their owners to train them and take them out for a walk. And while there are dogs who enjoy the charms of additional warmth, some should not be forced to wear coats. If you are not sure whether your dog needs a coat or not, try to “test” the pet. Before going to the park, put on his suit and wait for his reaction. If it is calm, most likely, it will not complain much if you “groomed” him for going out. There are those that will react a little more violently if they don’t like dressing up.

3. Any sweater and suit will keep my dog warm. The wardrobe must be functional above all, to protect against rain and snow. However, when choosing a raincoat, for example, look at the material it is made of so that it is waterproof because the main function is to keep the dog dry under it.

4. A dog’s paws are resistant to everything that awaits it when it goes for a walk. Snow and ice are not the best friends of most pets and can cause bigger problems than you think. Dog shoes are not just a fashion or a trend. In the winter months, shoes really help them. For those who do not wear them, owners should wipe their paws with lukewarm water after returning from a walk to remove any snow or ice. They will definitely like this kind of heating.

5. Coats and suits should be heavy enough to protect the dog from the winter. Technology has mixed its fingers in the fashion industry as well. Higher quality and thinner to the eye and touch materials can prove to be a better solution because heavier does not mean better. In fact, if the clothes are too heavy, the dog is more likely to be not only uncomfortable but also too warm. Clothing should be made so that it can be easily put on and taken off.



If by now you are not sure how to choose the right wardrobe for your dog, the best you can do is to take it to the store where you can try on a coat or sweater so that they don’t get the wrong size. Professional sellers know all about these things and should be able to advise you on when is the ideal time to start using the clothes you’ve purchased, and what would be the best type for your dog’s breed. So, specialized stores are the best option not only for the expertise, but also because specialized stores, in addition to warm shoes, sneakers, and suits, also offer t-shirts, tracksuits, and pants. Even with matching jewelry.

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