Can Dogs Eat Raw Dough?

balls of dough on a counter

Raw dough is toxic to dogs

Raw or unbaked dough used for bread, pizza, or other baked goods is toxic to dogs. If your dog has consumed any raw dough containing yeast, you should consult a veterinarian immediately. If eaten, raw dough will continue to rise in your dog’s stomach and may cause a life-threatening blockage. Gas (carbon dioxide) given off from the continued fermentation of the yeast will also cause dangerous expansion of the stomach. This can rupture the stomach or cause a dangerous condition called bloat. Another danger with raw dough is that the fermenting yeast creates ethanol. This can cause alcohol poisoning in your dog which can be fatal.

Symptoms: difficulty breathing, panting, drooling, vomiting, distended stomach, weakness, retching, depression, disorientated