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The sesame seed is actually the seeds derived from a flowering plant which is called benne. Though these seeds are very small in size, they are packed with goodness and amazing health benefits. As a human, you must be aware of all the great health benefits you can enjoy from these sesame seeds. But when it comes to dogs, the most frequently asked question is – can dogs eat sesame seeds? Being rich in protein, fiber, vitamins etc, this can be a good option to consider for the dogs. Read on to know more!

can dogs eat sesame seeds?

Can dogs eat sesame seeds?

The answer is pretty straightforward –  YES! It is completely safe for your dogs to eat sesame seeds as long as you are providing them in moderation. Too much of anything is not good. But sesame seeds are completely free of toxins and dogs of any age and size and enjoy eating.

Health benefits of sesame seeds for dogs

Some of the best health benefits of sesame seeds for your dogs are:

  • Great source of fiber: The best part of sesame seeds is that they contain a lot of fibers. This can be really beneficial for their health. Fiber content ensures better digestive system and gastrointestinal health of your dogs.
  • Strong muscles: As you know sesame seeds are a strong source of plant protein, it ensures stronger and better muscle health of your pup.
  • Daily essential vitamins: Just like humans, dogs too need correct nutrition on daily basis to ensure that they are healthy and doing well. As sesame seeds offer all the essential vitamins, it can help the dogs to improve their immune system.
  • Stronger bones & teeth: The sesame seeds contain calcium which is great for improving the strength and density of your dog’s bones and teeth. Stronger teeth and bones can improve the overall lifestyle and health of the dogs too.
  • Relief from joint pain: The sesame seeds contain copper in right amount which can help the dogs to fight against the joint inflammation and pain. This can be the best food for dogs suffering from arthritis.

Why sesame seeds can be bad for dogs?

 Overconsumption of the sesame seeds can cause some health issues in your pup. Eating too much of sesame seeds can lead to vomiting, bowel irritation and diarrhea. Please be aware of the quantity.

How to feed sesame seeds to dogs?

As much as the sesame seeds are healthy and beneficial for the dogs, it is important to give them in moderation. This is something that you cannot give every day. You can take a teaspoon of sesame seeds and roast it properly before you give it to your pup. Now, mix those seeds with their meal once in a day for twice a week. That will be enough for giving them the right nutrition that the dogs need. For more details, you can ask your vet for the right measurement.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of sesame seeds?

Besides the sesame seeds, you can also give them:

  • Chia seeds
  • Flax seeds
  • Quinoa
  • Hemp seeds

All these can help to provide high-protein while improving immune system.

Are dogs allergic to sesame seeds?

Though safe, some dogs can have allergies to sesame seeds. Some of the symptoms are – vomiting, coughing, nausea, diarrhea, hoarse voice, abdominal pain, itchiness in mouth or throat and hives.

What to do if your dog eats sesame seeds?

In case your dog has consumed sesame seeds and is experiencing an allergic to it, you can call the vet for help. Even if you are not aware of any such allergies in your dog but you notice some of the above symptoms after consumption of sesame seeds, take your pup to the vet right away. It is important to treat your dog immediately.


Sesame seeds are quite beneficial for the health of your pup. But as mentioned above, make sure that you are providing them in moderation. Follow the above instructions for best results.


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