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can dogs eat blackberries?

Blackberries are juicy fruits that have many nutritional advantages. Everyone likes blackberries so we make many things like jams and fruity salad with them. Have you often wondered if you can feed them to your dog or not? Here’s the answer.

Can dogs eat blackberries?

Yes, dogs can eat blackberries. Normal blackberries are safe for dogs to eat, as they can work as an antioxidant and nutrition source. Blackberries can be given to dogs as a crunchy treat in different ways. however, consult your veterinarian before adding this fruit to your dog’s diet.

Health benefits of blackberries for dogs

These juicy and sweet berries have many health benefits for humans as well as dogs. These berries have antioxidants, Vitamins and fibres that can contribute to your dog’s health. Blackberries provide anti-inflammation and antiviral impacts on a dog’s health.

Antioxidants: blackberries have Anthocyanins named antioxidants that help to battle radicals. It can be good for heart health, brain function and for reducing any risk of Cancer.

Fibres: The fibres boost the digestive system and reduce any constipation or gastro problems.

Vitamins: This fruit has many vitamins like A, K, E, B, C that reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system. The omega 3 offers a silky and shiny coat to dogs.

Sugar level: blackberries are low sugar fruits. It’s good for dogs to have low sugar in their diet. That makes this fruit a great treat for dogs.

How to feed blackberries to dogs?

BlackBerries can be given as treats in small amounts. For dogs, cut the berries into small pieces so that it doesn’t get stuck in their throat. Always feed them freshly picked or bought blackberries

Dogs can enjoy BlackBerry treat recipes too. Always remember that a small portion is enough for a dog. This treat can fill their appetite quickly and make them feel full.

Freeze some blackberries and give them to your fur buddies as a special treat. Make different toys looking treats with crushed blackberries.

Don’t feed more than ten per cent of their calorie intake daily. More than that can be harmful to your dog.

Why can blackberries be bad for dogs?

Blackberries can be bad for dogs if they eat a large amount of them. Then this superfood can become a health risk for your dog. Eating more than a sufficient number can result in vomiting and diarrhoea. It can upset their stomach and cause gas problems. Blackberries also have xylitol that is a sweetener that can be very toxic for your dog. As with any other fruit or food, blackberries should be fed to dogs as a measured proportion.

Some dogs don’t chew their food many times so check if they are chewing the blackberries or just gulping them. In this case, cutting the blackberries will be better. It will reduce any chance of choking.

What foods can you give to your dog instead of blackberries?

Many other berries are available in the market that you can feed to your dog. Berries like strawberries, Raspberry, blueberries and cranberries can be fed to dogs as a Blackberries substitute. These are filled with many vitamins and antioxidants. Same as blackberries, the other berries offer many health benefits for a dog. Strawberries help to whiten the teeth. Just give them a small bite-size portion.

Are dogs allergic to blackberries?

Dogs are not allergic to blackberries normally. But if your dog reacts badly to a blackberry then make sure to check their health. Take them to a vet for a check-up.

Some berries are bad for dogs that are wild berries. Wild berries can cause damage to your dog’s health. It can affect their digestive system and cause diarrhoea, vomiting, trouble breathing and seizure. Never plant wild berry bushes in your home if you have a dog. also if you have a normal blackberry plant then keep your dog away from them. If they eat too many blackberries it can cause them health threats.


As now you know that blackberries are safe for dogs you can use different recipes for a healthy nutrition supply. Also, try out other berries that are harmless for your dog. consulting your Vet can also be helpful to understand what quantity is good for your dog.

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