can dogs eat black pepper

Can dogs eat black pepper?

It won’t be harmful to let your dog eat black pepper. However, keep in mind that there is a very thin line between letting your dog eat black pepper, and letting your dog eat too much black pepper. Just like humans, it’s not good for dogs to eat too much black pepper.

Health benefits black pepper

Science has proved black pepper is high in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, may benefit the brain, may improve blood sugar control, may lower cholesterol levels, may have cancer-fighting properties, and so on. All in all, black pepper is proven to benefit health. So why not let your dog eat black pepper, right?

Why black pepper can be bad for dogs

Let’s look at salt first, which is often being used in combination with black pepper, as a seasoning for several purposes. Although dogs can eat a little bit of salt, too much salt is harmful. Due to this reason, you must prevent that you feed your dog too much salty food and leave the salt in the cabinet when you are cooking for your dog.

Black pepper is another seasoning in which moderation is key. Although a small amount of black pepper is considered safe for dogs in general, large amounts of black pepper can cause stomach aches for dogs.

Obviously, just because small amounts of black pepper are probably safe for dogs to consume, doesn’t mean that your dog will actually like black pepper. In large quantities black pepper is very spicy — a taste most dogs plainly don’t like or even despise.

If your dog does accidentally breathes in black pepper (for example when he spoils on the floor), this may cause a very uncomfortable feeling in his nose, causing uncontrollable sneezing.

Just like with salt, it is not recommended to add black pepper on purpose to the meal that you are cooking for your dog. If you want to share some of your own food with your dog and it contains salt or black pepper, use your common sense. For example; if you are eating grilled chicken breast, seasoned a small amount of salt and black pepper, it is likely fine to share it with your dog (a moderated amount, of course). However, if you are eating a steak with peppercorn or other food that contains a lot of pepper (and salt), it is best to not feed it to your four-legged barking friend.

(Remember that extra food, even healthy food like grilled chicken breast, is not a replacement for your dog’s complete and balanced diet. All treats should make up less than 10 percent of your dog’s complete diet; the rest should be his normal diet, complete and balanced).

How much black pepper should your dog get?

Like I stated before, dogs shouldn’t get too much black pepper; it could cause stomach aches and can be harmful to your dog. When feeding black pepper to your dog, never give him too much.

What to do if your dog eats black pepper

Black pepper offers no health benefits for dogs, and dogs don’t really enjoy the taste of black pepper the way humans do. For these reasons, it is best to skip this flavoring for dogs.

However, some dogs will eat anything that falls to the ground or find in the trash. If your dog eats a lot of black pepper, watch him for a few hours to make sure he doesn’t get any stomach upset (vomiting and/or diarrhea). If your dog starts vomiting or has a lot of diarrhea after eating a lot of black pepper, contact your veterinarian for advice.

Are dogs allergic to black pepper

No, dogs are not allergic to black pepper and can eat it as long as it isn’t too much. Your dog may sneeze when eating black pepper, but this is only because the black pepper may cause an uncomfortable feeling in your dogs’ nose.

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