5 Things You Should Look for When Buying Dog Food & Treats

  • By: Dragana Kodzo
  • Date: August 17, 2022
  • Time to read: 5 min.

Choosing the right dog food as well as the treats is an essential task for every dog owner. However, we all can agree that is not easy at all. Unfortunately, many pet owners do not even know what is the difference between different dog food packages and they usually walk into some pet shop and blindly choose the food. There are truly so many things a person needs to consider when purchasing dog food such as flavor, price, quantity, ingredient, nutrient and protein source as well as the quality of the package.

There is no argument that selecting the right food is the crucial choice every pet owner will make in the life of his fury friend. It will affect the dog’s overall health. Your pet needs to get everything that his organism is needing through the food ingredients. In this article, we are going to talk about everything you need to consider while purchasing food and treats for your dog.

1. Don’t choose dog food based on brand’s online rating

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Online shopping became the most popular purchasing option since it is fast, easy, and convenient. Therefore, like with other items, people usually prefer to research dog food on the internet and check the rating system. This system is rating some brands with more start than others. However, this is not a true representation of the brand’s quality and reputation. This type of rating system can only show you more expensive food that is mostly marketed instead of providing you a list of the best quality food brands. Unfortunately, many pet owners are making their decision based on this online ranking system. They eliminate foods that are not trendy because they do not come from some popular brand.

Therefore, you must research the source of the brand you want to purchase food from wisely. By doing a deeper investigation you can find out customer reviews and experiences with some particular food. Some of the main questions you need to find the answer to while searching for the best brand are how long the company is working, whether it is credible and properly licensed, what quality control steps they obtain, and how they are testing their food. Additionally, you should check food labels and read everything they put in the food. This will help you figure out eventually what type of food should be best for your furry friend. In case you want a shorter approach, we did a little research for you and find natural animal food from a highly reputable and credible birdhamanimalfeeds.co.uk company. They have a variety of different products, so you can choose the package that your dog would love the most.

2. Select a so-called complete feed

One of the very essential things you should pay attention to while choosing the dog food package is that the food stands as complete. This term refers to specific regulation and it represents that the food has been carefully designed and tested in order to meet the full nutritional requirements for your dog breed. The food that has a supplemental label stands for treats and it should not be the only source for your dog’s diet. Instead, you can give it to your dog as additional food. Logically, you want your dog to eat food that includes all necessary ingredients, nutrient value, and vitamins that his body is requiring.

3. You must understand the food ingredients list

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It is highly significant for you to read the ingredient list on the food package, so you would know and understand what your dog is consuming. In general, a protein source must be listed first. This means that in high-quality food, you can see that most of the food contains meat such as chicken, beef, lamb, or fish. Despite that, you should look for nutrients in the food and see which ones are listed below. In general, the number of ingredients does not make some food of high quality. However, you want to ensure that there are no synthetic colors, preservatives, or artificial flavoring in the food because they can affect your dog’s health. It would be beneficial to choose natural food ingredients. Additionally, you should check the calorie and fat content in the food. The right list of ingredients will ensure that your dog does not have any type of health issues.

4. You should compare serving size, instead of package weight

People go with the logic that they should buy the largest bag of food that is available in the pet shop to save money and not have the obligation to often go to the store for more packages, especially if they have more dogs. No matter how this option can look tempting, a person must compare the serving size of different types of food and the overall package weight. You are asking why is this so important. Well, a lower serving size indicates that the dog food is highly nutritious and full of healthy calories. Therefore, it would be better to choose a smaller bag of food because it can last you longer.

5. Consider your pet’s age and energy while feeding

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One more thing that you should know is that food for animals is created for different life stages – for puppies, adult dogs, and senior ones. Even though the list of ingredients should not be changed, the nutritional balance comes with different formulas for your dog’s age. The right nutrition for your pet age will help him to live the healthiest life possible and consume everything he needs from the nutritional value. For instance, if you have a senior dog you need to look for food that includes glucosamine. On the other hand, if you just get a new puppy, the food you should look for needs to be rich in proteins so it can help the dog’s development and growth process. Finally, active dogs need more food which means that they need higher protein sources. Pay attention to your pet while changing the food to ensure a smooth transition.

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